Western Province Bisley Association

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Affiliated to:
South African Bisley Union (SABU)

WPBA Executive Committee

Chairman: Graeme Leon
083 412 4082
Vice-Chairman: Syd Goslin
021 979 1489
Fax: 021 979 1489
Secretary/Treasurer: Corena de Beer
082 826 0453
Fax: 086 621 3268

WPBA Committee Members

Peninsula Rifle Club Gary Willemse
Ian Noble-Jack
084 491 0551
083 701 7201
Winelands Bisley Club Werner Brits
Karel Schutte
082 371 1755
082 807 8396
Stellenbosch Bisley Club Pieter van der Westhuizen
Willie Fölscher

082 875 3922
021 854 4642 / 083 561 6295
CLI 303 Club of Cape Town Darryl Carver
Brent Bennett
082 857 4786
082 857 5910
SABU Representatives Johann Ahrens
Jaco van Tonder
082 337 1271
083 384 6584
F Class Representatives Jaco van Tonder
Coenrad van der Westhuizen
083 384 6584
082 467 7868
303 Class Representative Brent Bennett 082 857 5910
Convenors of Selection Committees

TR - Johann Ahrens
F Class - Jaco van Tonder
303 - Darryl Carver

082 337 1271
083 384 6584
082 857 4786

WPBA Clubs
Peninsula Rifle Club
Stellenbosch Bisley Club
Winelands Bisley Club
CLI.303 Club of Cape Town


Shooting Calendar 2019

Peninsula Rifle League Format 2019


*** NB - Anybody wishing to participate in any of the WPBA Shoots at the
Good Hope Shooting Range, Atlantis, MUST submit a copy of their ID and SAPS
Clearance Certificate (or receipt as proof of application) to the WPBA secretary

at least 2 weeks prior
to the event. This is a once-off requirement.
No-one who has not complied with this requirement will be allowed to shoot ***

SABU Membership Form 2019

Club Affiliation Renewal Form 2019

Documents / Membership Forms

(Updated 14 May 2019)
Shooting Calendars
(Updated 11 Jan 2019)
Peninsula Rifle League Yearbook
(Updated Jan 2019)
WPBA Colours
(Updated Jan 2017)
WPBA Constitution

Print Competitor Certificates
(Updated Dec 2018)

Plotting Sheets

SA Open Championships Results 2019

SABU Policies and Regulations
(December 2015)
SABU Constitution
(April 2016)
SABU Rulebook
(December 2015)
SABU Range Officers Manuals
English / Afrikaans
(If you wish to complete the course, please contact the WPBA Secretary to arrange)

Drugs in Sport
(Updated 8 March 2016)

**** Application for Dedicated Sportsman ****
(new and renewal applications - submit a complete application to the WPBA secretary for processing)

PLEASE read the following documents carefully before applying:

Latest Requirement and Information (2017)

Information on Application Process (2013)


!!! Please note: !!!

1. It remains the applicant's responsibility to submit a list of attendances at approved shoots.
This will be checked against the official results on the website(s).

2. Dedicated Status for the purpose of firearm licences or renewals is not automatic.
You need to go through the application process to obtain a (new) certificate that will confirm your active status.

3. The WPBA cannot provide you with any letter to confirm SABU membership or activities.
You need to contact SABU directly to request it.

**** Application for Endorsement ****
(new licences only)

Members must submit application directly to SABU.
Remember to attach a copy of the licence of the current owner.

SABU CFAR Nr 1300040

List of Documents to attach:
  1. Application form with proper motivation - Application Form

  2. Copy of Proficiency (training) Certificate complying with Unit Standards for “Handle and Use of a Rifle”.  Training must have included practical shooting (NOT ONLY Knowledge of the Firearms Act !).

  3. Copy of Competency Certificate

  4. Letter from primary WPBA affiliated club to confirm paid up status for current year – you need to request this information from your Club Chairman/Secretary

  5. Letter from the chairman of your primary WPBA affiliated club to support your application.

  6. Copy of ID document

  7. Copy of valid Firearm Licence(s)

  8. Application for endorsement from SABU.  It is the responsibility for the member to apply to SABU directly for this - Application for Endorsement

  9. List of participation at events other than WPBA shoots which are not captured on the central WPBA league database (e.g. WP Bisley, SA Open, World Shoots, 303 Club shoots, etc)

  10. Copy of previous Dedicated Sportsman Certificate (if any)

  11. Proof of payment of R50 into WPBA bank account (contact the WPBA secretary for bank details)